Happy Birthday Tanner!

5:05am  Wake-up call from Tanner, "It's my birthday!  I'm seven!  Let's open my present and eat donuts!"

Sheesh.  It was still pitch black outside.

The rest of the day we got ready for his "friends" pirate party.  For months, he's been planning on going to Disneyland with Shad for his birthday.  Just the two of them and he'd pick out his gift there.  All I'd have to do is get a cake.  I was rooting for this plan.  Then a week before his birthday, he says, "Mom, I changed my mind.  I want a friends party."  Man.  

So a pirate party we planned.

We played musical chairs, drew a treasure map, put together a huge floor pirate puzzle, did a pinata and of course hunted for treasure.  Ama came and made balloon swords and animals for the kids (thank you ama!) and we had a dress-up station for the kids to get into their pirate gear.

It was fun.  And I'm glad it's over.  Phew.

Now Kate's birthday is tomorrow.  

Elle's is in 2 weeks.

Mine was last week.

It's always hard for me to eat good in January.  We have a constant rotation of cakes hanging around for the month.