Happy Birthday Kate!!!

So when I was little, I remember wanting a Barbie car.  Or any car for that matter, that was made for a little kid to drive.  I'm sure they weren't made in China back then, as they are today, so they were probably astronomical in price and tack on that there were 6 kids in our family, I never got a car.  But I survived.  

I remember that the spoiled kids got those cars.  

Kate asked for a "gps" for her birthday.  She meant a "jeep" that she rode on at a friends house.  She become obsessed in the weeks before her birthday.  It's all she talked about.  

We don't spend that much on birthdays.  We don't even spend a small fraction of what a Barbie Jeep cost on birthdays.  The biggest birthday present we've bought so far, was Tanner's Harry Potter Lego set (who knew Legos were so pricey?  sheesh).  And that Lego set was all he got from us.

We don't like electronic toys.  The batteries die, the bulb burns out, they get wet.  They break. 

We don't want to encourage sitting on a riding vehicle, while you could be running, jumping, swinging.

That all being said, we went against everything we believe (okay, i'm exaggerating....not everything) and got her the jeep.

And THAT being said, I don't regret it at ALL.  It's only been 2 weeks, and I'm pretty sure it could die today and we would've got our money out of it.  

All three kids play on it, TOGETHER, everyday.  They love it.  Our backyard is big enough, that they can do huge loops and we don't have to take them out front on the street.  

And it is so cute to see Kate get in her jeep, turn on the "radio", back up, switch gears and drive.  With her purse and baby in tow of course.  

I have gotten so much done in the last few weeks, because the three of them have been out cruising.  

I love the jeep.

Moving on....Kate requested the donut store for breakfast, The Yardhouse (of all places....) for dinner and a Rapunzel cake for dessert. 

And I have to say, she's turned a corner since she's turned 5.  She is a dream child now.  She has been so.  so.  so hard for me these last couple of years.  Now she is kind, talks with a sweet soft voice, serves her brother and sister, says please and thank you, and tells me she loves me all the time.

I vaguely remember 5 being a good year for Tanner.  It was sort of a magical age.  

I'm so happy she's five now.  

Love you baby girl.