I always thought I would have to worry about Kerri saying she wanted to be more skinny. After all, Victorious and ICarly are skinny. I have been teaching her about being healthy and good nutrition her entire life. I push the fruits and veggies, which she really does not like that much. And insist she exercises. So imagine my surprise when Kerri stuck out her belly, and told me she wanted to be fat.

And even worse, my guilt when she told me the reason she wants to be fat is so she can look like me.

Of course we had a lengthy discussion of how fat is not healthy, and that I am not healthy. And why I am fat, and why losing weight is a life long struggle for me.

But she still wants to be fat.

Part of me thinks it's awesome that my daughter does not have body issues, and that she wants to be just like her Mommy. But an even bigger part of me is screaming out "NO!!!". And I realize how contradictory I have sounded to her. Teaching her to eat healthy, exercise, and get enough sleep. And in the meantime all she sees is a Mommy that does not really exercise or get enough sleep. And a Mommy that, (even though I eat the same things she does), is not skinny, or healthy, but the total opposite.

Life with Kerri needs to practice what I preach.