Freezing rain. All night.

Numerous times during the night I woke to the sound of gunshots, followed by the tinkling of fireworks.

Freezing rain has continued all day. We're afraid to go outside because the trees all around us at any moment will emit a loud crack followed by limbs raining to the ground in a puff of snow and ice. When the boys were out doing morning chores a branch came down near Samuel who came running into the house vowing to stay indoors all day.

This is one of our ancient plum trees. (The yellow plum, kids!)

Every upright bough of this old oak tree has been snapped off at the top.

We have a bit of clean-up to do. And it's only been one day. We fear there are more downfalls to come.

This is the branch of a big Douglas Fir where the kids had their swing. It was taken out by another falling limb.

I was sad to see my magnolia encased in ice. This tree was given to me by my late father-in-law many years ago when it was a tiny sapling. It was one of the first things I planted when we came to this property.

And I was too late. I should have knocked the snow off of it yesterday.
I'll have to do some significant pruning on it come spring.