Unplanned play date.

Today one of the neighborhood kids knocked on our door for Kerri to come out and play. It is way too cold, so I told her to ask her Mom if she could come in to play instead. Within minutes, the 9 year old girl and her older sister had come in, and a play date was officially underway.

It was their first time in our home, so they had to put up with 15 minutes of unwanted attention from Pookie, who wanted to sit in their laps and cover them in kisses. They did warm up to him eventually, once they got over their fears of being bitten by what they thought was a very ferocious dog. The secret is finally out of the bag, Pookie is all bark and no bite. He is a lover, not a fighter, and a big coward. But he puts on a big show of fangs and growls that have most of the neighborhood thinking he is a mean and vicious guard dog. Oh well.

The play date was a hit. But the girls did not want to leave! So at dinnertime we had to kick them out. And the playroom is a mess. But Kerri and the girls had fun...that is, once Pookie got bored of them.

Life with Kerri is having indoor fun.