the true spirit of christmas

last week, shad had a seminar and it was just the kids and i home for dinner.  after dinner i felt like cozying up on the couch with my kids, turning on the christmas tree lights and watching a movie.  we watched a hallmark move, "the night before, the night before christmas".  cute.  we loved it.  cheesy of course, but we still loved it.  (kate had a horrendous fit the last 20 minutes and we didn't get to finish it until the next day...but the first hour, was blissful)

at the beginning of the movie, a small boy, is gathering up things around his home to donate to a local shelter.  tanner had me pause the movie to explain what was going on.  he lit up and asked if we could do the same thing.  

so he has been busy, trying to find things to donate.  

before i get to the next part, i have to explain some things about tanner.  he is a greedy little boy who loves money.  will do extra chores to earn money.  saves up, searches amazon and orders toys.  

well, sunday morning, he came into my closet while i was getting dressed and said, "i want to give this to the poor kids."  he opened up his little hands and there were a bunch of green dollar bills inside.  he said, "it's all the money that i have, except for my's all of my fun money".  i told him how proud i was, gave him a hug, and then he lit up and said, "oh, tomorrow is family night, i get paid for my chores....i'll have 2 more dollars and some coins to give".

i love this boy.