The first night of Chanukah.

Nana came over to visit and help us celebrate.

Kerri opened her first Chanukah gift: A Victorious microphone. And then the table was set with goodies galore.

The potato latkes were a hit, especially with the sour cream.

The standing rib roast was delicious (it was pink in the middle). And we had salad.

The jelly donuts were enjoyed while we read a book about the story of Maccabee.

And a game of dreidel was played with chocolate gelt as the prize, while we listened to Chanukah music.

So on the first night of this holiday, we lit our candles, said our prayers, and spent a lovely evening enjoying our family and yummy food.

Life with Kerri wishes everyone who celebrates a very wonderful Festival of Lights - happy Chanukah!