Sleepover success!

Kerri's sleepover was a huge hit. As a matter of fact, when the Mom came to pick up Kerri's friend, she begged to stay. So we put the kiddos to work decorating the house for the holidays.

Daddy put the finishing touch on the tree, but the lights and decoration were all done by Kerri and her friend.

But Daddy had to show off his contribution.

Here are the happy girls posing next to the finished tree. And the stockings were hung too.

I couldn't help but post one more picture of the festive friends, still in their pajamas at noon.

And last night, they got to get their groove on, singing away to all their favorite hits.

We are thrilled that the sleepover went well, and hope it helps the girls develop an even stronger friendship. They are neighbors, and in the same class, although Kerri is one year older and one grade higher (it's a split class). You would never know it, because her friend looks older and taller!

Life with Kerri is merry.