i was sick.  for pretty much the entire month.

it sucked.  

it felt like pressure building inside of every single bone on my face.  i would find myself pressing as hard as a i could on my facial bones, trying to ease the pain.

i had a headace for 23 days straight.  that has NEVER happened to me before.  

every day.  at 11am, i would get a headache.  it'd go strong until about 4pm and then die off to a dull pain until i went to sleep.  i'd wake up great and feel okay until 11am hit.  it was like groundhogs day the movie....over and over.

finally after 2 weeks, i realized i should be taking something for the headache.  so everyday around 11:15, i'd remember, "oh yeah, take some medicine" and i'd pop 2 ibprofin and 2 tylenol and then my headache would subside.  

shad insisited that i go to the doctor to get on antibiotics, and after refusing for 2 weeks, i finally went in.  they said it was viral, that antibiotics wouldn't do anything and that it could last anywhere from 3-6 weeks.  


i think i'm on the up and up now.  

so between the pressure in my head and the fact that i tried to upload the following pictures 5 different times to blogger and it never worked, i've been mia.

here's a bit of catch-up.....

  • kate and tanner share a room. they each have a twin bed.  but they wanted them pushed together.   so they could be closer.  it's very cute.
  • elle is my constant companion. my helper.  the one who unloads the dirty dishes as i'm trying to load them.  the one who eats her food on my lap.  or shad's.  but rarely in her own seat.  she insists on feeding herself, even if it's super messy soup, and always wants to use the correct utensils.  she LOVES lipgloss.  can't get enough of it.  and i hate to think of how much of it she's ingested these last few weeks.  she's a complete monkey who climbs on everything.
  • we went to the rodeo.  it was so so so fun.  shad's mom invited us.  the kids threw on their dress-up clothes and i got to wear my boots without shad telling me i look like a cowgirl.  because for once it was an appropriate occasion in his eyes.  = )
  • tanner and kate still come in our room at the crack of dawn.  we had a few good weeks, where they would wait until it was light to come in.  but that ended.  this last week, kate has come to my side of the bed every night.  all. night. long.  
  • kate still continues to be my best little helper in the kitchen.  she'll pick the leaves off the herbs, stir the dry ingredients, push the food processor buttons to chop the bread crumbs, roll out the dough, tell me when the timer is beeping, measure the ingredients and crack the eggs.