dark chocolate covered peppermint joe joe's

they ran out.

ran out, before i could even buy a box.

ran out of these amazing cookies that only come around once a year trader joes.

i went twice to each trader joes in town this last month looking for these cookies.  each time i was told, "oh, i don't think we're getting those in this year.  i haven't seen them yet".  

well come to find out, they came in extra early, and got bought up immediately. 

they have as serious cult following.

i was really bummed.  

so i bought me some dark chocolate, some peppermint joe joe's (plain ones...they have tons of those in stock), and candy canes.

melted the chocolate.

dipped the cookies.

sprinkled crushed candy canes.

now i've got some dark chocolate covered peppermint joe joe's.

if you don't have a trader joe's.....i'm sorry.  i really am.

*they do have them in stock in a larger box, with 3 other flavors of cookies.  if you love all of the flavors, great.  but if you don't (like me), you buy a whole box, eat 1/4, and toss out 3/4.  no good.