Counting down.

Yesterday Kerri popped open the little window in her "24 Days until Christmas" calendar, and placed the little chocolate treat in her mouth.

Then, she started counting down how many days remained. "Only 9 more days!", she clapped excitedly, and started jumping up and down with joy.

"You mean 12 more days, check your math Kerri.", I responded.

"Nope, I meant 9 more days! 9 more days until Chanukah!", she happily announced. And then she started doing some weird celebration dance.

That just made me smile. Not because she did her math right, or because she was using a Christmas calendar to count down the days until the Jewish holiday. And not because she dances so funny.

I smiled because she reminded me of what it was like to be young and look forward to an important day - without worrying or fussing. Her joy rubs off on me. And she reminds me what really matters.

Life with Kerri is counting down the days.