Cookies and wishes.

Today Kerri invited a friend and her Mom over to decorate holiday cookies. We had a lovely afternoon, and the girls ate almost as much as they decorated. Even the Mom made a cookie, and ate a few. And the best part was when Kerri pointed out a gift under the tree for her friend to take home: her very own gingerbread house to decorate with her siblings. Kerri's friend left with a huge smile and plenty of cookies to share with her family. I think it went pretty well.

As we settle in for the evening, watching the lights twinkling on the tree, and the crispy white snow dazzling outside, Kerri found something I had hid: the Sears Wish catalog. It's a zillion page magazine with every toy known to mankind, and Kerri keeps finding things she wants. I should have put it in the recycle bin. If that catalog really could make wishes come true, its' pages would hold the cure to diseases, the way to world peace, and love, peace and harmony for all. Instead, it's just a reminder to me of how commercialized the holidays have become.

Hubby starts his three week vacation, yay! And Kerri has one more week of school until her winter break. I cannot believe this year is almost over. Is it me, or did it just fly by this year?

Life with Kerri is enjoying the moment.