Christmas morning.

At 7:30 in the morning, we were all woken up with a loud scream: "It's Christmas! Wake up it's Christmas!". Kerri was so excited, she made sure we were all up and out of bed so she could run downstairs to the tree, still in our pajamas.

There were lots of "oohs and aahs", which I tried to capture in the pictures.

And lots of smiling too.

Even Pookie was excited, he pulled a present out from under the tree, played with a bow, and could not wait to see what was in his stocking.

And although Tia could not be here to celebrate the holiday with us, she made sure there were special gifts for everyone under the tree.

Nana slept over so she could share Christmas morning with us. She also gave us the most amazing presents this year. But the best present of all is having her in our lives. The bond she shares with Kerri is so very special. And I am honored to call her a friend, as well as our niece.

I could not help but share this picture, Kerri is a huge Potter fan, and Tia sent her every movie she was missing. She spun around in circles on the floor she was so thrilled.

Pookie got gifts too!

And Tia sent him more clothes. He is a very happy pooch.

Oh and Tia? Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This face says it all:

The best gift this Christmas was having our family together. And that includes Nana.

Life with Kerri is still playing with all our new toys, and eating leftovers galore.