Another day, another lesson learned.

Yesterday, Kerri's ex-boyfriend got off the school bus and his mom was not there. The bus driver, who is supposed to ensure the parents are at the stop, or take the kid back to school, drove off. So I reassured him it would be OK, and told him to come with us to our house for milk and cookies to wait for his mom.

Since the ex has been to our home so many times, he is very comfortable with us. So I served the kids their snack and then tried calling his mom, but there was no answer. The ex wanted one of Kerri's toys (they were playing with them on the table), and my big-hearted daughter gave it to him. But then she changed her mind and wanted it back. And so she had to learn a very painful lesson. I explained to her that once you give someone a gift, you cannot ask for it back. So maybe next time she should think about it before rushing to give something away. She did not like it, but I made sure the ex kept the toy.

About a half hour later, I saw the car pull up and his mom running to my door in a panic. I opened the door, handed over her son's backpack, and told her not to worry, that he was finishing his milk and cookies and I would send him home in a few minutes. She was so happy he was here and relieved that he was safe and not at school, or waiting outside alone in the cold. I cannot even begin to imagine all the feelings she went through while stuck in traffic. And thankfully, her son was no worse for the experience.

I am glad we were able to help out. And Kerri learned a valuable lesson too.

Life with Kerri continues.