of course a treat each day...a surprise to eat behind each tiny door.

a manger scene centered around baby Jesus, with 25 people or animals to add.  

elf on a shelf...thanks to lillie.  

she came by one evening, and mentioned the elf in her house.  tanner's eyes got huge and he asked questions and she went on and on.  she left and tanner asked, "where's our elf?"  he didn't ask in a "where's our elf, i want one NOW, no fair!" sort of way.  he asked in a "did santa forget about us?" sort of way.  

i rapidly texted shad a specific errand to make after work.  

the next morning, the elf appeared.  tanner's behavior when from exceptional to off the charts awesome.  kate's has stayed the same.  unfortunately.

it's  fun new tradition though.

and our last tradition, we started just this year...a christmas book each day to unwrap and read.  of course we already had most of the books, collected over the years.  I didn't go out and buy 25 books.  and the kids know that when they open the book, that it's the family's book and that they will each be put away after Christmas and recycled again for next year to be wrapped.  it's fun.  they get all excited to take turns opening the books and we get into the spirit a bit more each day through reading (something we aren't so great at around here)

have a merry weekend!