Kerri has been receiving speech therapy for a phonological delay for many years. She is currently learning the "SH" sound. But now, she is replacing every "S" sound with the "SH" sound. So the word kiss now is "kish", and the word yes is now "yesh". Which leads to this morning.

Kerri and Pookie were playing in my bed, and Kerri was trying to "train" Pookie (our four and half year old Schnoodle). All of a sudden, we hear Kerri in a very loud voice saying this over and over: "Shit on the bed! Shit on the bed!". All the while, she was pointing down at the mattress. Poor Pookie kept looking over at me. And I tried very hard not to laugh. Since Kerri does not know what that particular four letter word means, I had to explain to her (trying hard not to laugh) that she was commanding Pookie to poop on our bed (in a not so nice way). And when Kerri understood, we both burst out laughing.

Life with Kerri is hilarious.