Pie Workshop

I am currently getting ready to go down to Salem, Oregon on Sunday to conduct a pie workshop. I'm making plans to cover lots of ground in the day-long class including apple pies, pumpkin pies, savory quiches, fruit tarts- some with fresh picked pears and others with pastry cream and strawberries- as well as galettes, hand pies and chicken pot pies. I've got lots of grocery shopping and food prep work to do. I think the participants and I are going to have lots of fun rolling dough and creating fillings.

This workshop will be similar to the one I taught at the Pioneer Woman's Lodge in Oklahoma last summer. That one was attended by about twenty-five people and I had lots of great helpers before, during and after the class. This workshop will be more intimate with four ladies who are eager to expand their kitchen skills and baking knowledge. We'll end our day with a meal together that will include samples of what was created.

As I've been preparing the tools we'll need and writing my lists of ingredients, I've been thinking of the people I've met in other classes and the excitement I've witnessed when someone makes their first successful pie. It is so gratifying to me to help someone improve their baking skills. It took me years of struggle and frustration before I became successful at making pie. Making pie seems like a small thing and yet whenever someone acquires a new skill or new knowledge it improves their life and builds up their confidence to try other new things. I am honored to pass on my knowledge and help others achieve their goals of becoming more proficient with their baking skills. And though pie is a humble offering, it is something anyone can use to bring joy or comfort to friends, family and strangers too.

I've witnessed the power of pie. The world needs more good pie.