Our Annual Halloween Parade at the Nursing Home

This year at least half of the club attended the fun activity at a local nursing home.  We have been going to the same one for years and always have a great time.  The kids came dressed up in their Halloween costumes and many moms had Halloween hats and/or shirts on.  The residence of the home each had a bag to hand out to one child with a juice box, sticker book, little toy and fruit snacks.  It was so much fun talking with the residents and watching the kids interact.  Can't wait to do it again next year!
Mama's Super Heroes

Captain America to the rescue!

Family Fun

Time to Roll!

Up Up and Away

Here we come!!!

Having fun!

Meeing new friends!

Love this picture!


So cute!

Moms having fun!

Trying to get a group picture. :)