It's legal.

We have an IEP! Today I went to Kerri's school for a meeting to go over Kerri's Individual Education Plan. We now have a legal, working document that will change and grow along with Kerri, and follow her to any school she goes to. It may not sound like much, but it is huge, big deal for Kerri. She now will have the tools and accommodations she needs to learn and be the best she can be at school. And that, dear readers, is the most awesome gift I could ever have asked for.

Kerri's teacher told me Kerri was her "superstar", and that she is doing really well in school. We get report cards tomorrow, I can't wait!

After years of asking for help, and advocating for my daughter, it was as easy as getting her tested and bringing the reports and recommendations to the school. I am so glad we switched schools.

Life with Kerri is back on track!