Cousins come to visit!

Meet baby Clara. She is 3 months old and has everyone wrapped around her little finger. Especially Nana, who has now decided she wants children.

And last time we saw cousin Taegan, she was 6 months old. She is almost 3 years old now, and her and Kerri are BFF. Taegan repeats everything Kerri says, and wants to do everything Kerri does. And they had their first sleepover together, and neither one wanted to go to sleep.

Cousin Kim travelled far to bring her daughters to visit, and we are enjoying having a house full of cousins! Pookie is extremely jealous, especially when I hold the baby. But so far, he has been pretty good with all the kids. Taegan loves to tell him he is a "Bad boy!".

I will post more pictures tomorrow...but for now, I am going back to enjoying Kim, Nana, and the girls. It's not often we get together and we always have so much fun.

Life with Kerri is loving every minute of this.