That is how many pounds Kerri weighs as of tonight. She has been eating quite a bit more than usual, and is probably in a growth spurt. She no longer fits in her size 6 or 6X pants! So we decided to put her on the scale, and she has gained almost 4 pounds in the last month - despite being sick with strep throat.

And what I love most of all is that she is not self-conscience at all about her weight or appearance. As a matter of fact, she likes to dress differently (today she wore a gray camouflage turtleneck and pink pants with a brown and orange dress over it!). I love her attitude, the fact that she has her own fashion style (different from anyone else!), and that she does not care what anyone thinks about her outfits. Let's hope that lasts through high school.

Life with Kerri beats to a different drum.