Rocks and stones.

Friday I was in such horrible pain, I called hubby and told him to come home and take me to the emergency room. My Dad called as soon as I hung up, and told me he had a premonition something was wrong. I spent the day getting pricked and prodded, scanned and medicated. And then I was sent home with antibiotics for my diagnosis of kidney stones.

Nana rushed over to help watch Kerri while hubby picked me up from the hospital. She stayed overnight just in case. She is our angel, and I am so very grateful to her.

I tried to eat, but could not keep it down. I am still in a lot of pain, and have some abdominal swelling (which may be from the exertion of throwing up, I guess). And the Cipro makes me nauseous. But I am home, in my pj's, and my family is with me. Pookie won't leave my side.

I asked Kerri if she knew why Mommy was not home to pick her up at the bus stop Friday. Nana and Daddy had told her I had kidney stones. Kerri told me: "You have rocks in your hips." I told her I had kidney stones, and she said: "I wondered why you would eat rocks."

Daddy has been handling everything. He is a gem. He even did all the laundry, which he hates to do. He took Kerri to her friend's birthday party, and patiently tolerated the noise and claustrophobia. And Kerri brought me back balloons. And made me a get well card.

I am hoping the rocks in my hips and the stones in my kidneys disappear soon, along with the pain and the swelling and the nausea. In the meantime, I am grateful to be home with my family, and reminded that good health is never to be taken for granted.

Life with Kerri is drinking lots of water.