ragnar pics

better late than never, right?

Our team of 12 girls.....

Downtown San Fransisco, the night before we began.

Our sweet ride.

We got up at 3:45am (right girls? maybe i'm off on that), so we could check in. Lillie started us off in the pitch black to race over the Golden Gate Bridge.

My first leg.

Right after we finished. We threw on our "Real Housewives of Palm Springs" gear and ran through the finish line.

A cute place we ate at near Calastoga, the night we finished.

I remember during it, thinking I'd never do a Ragnar again. Then toward the end of our crazy 30 hours, I thought I'd love to do it again, with Shad to run my night runs alongside me. But now looking at these pictures, I want to do it again, no matter what.