Pookie likes Tim Hortons.

Yesterday I quickly cleared the breakfast dishes, but left the still full coffee mugs on the table. We were in a hurry to drive Nana and Daddy to work. And I figured since there was no food on the table, I did not have to worry about Pookie.

When I got home, I noticed all the coffee mugs were empty. In fact, they were quite clean, and looked like they had never been used. I asked Kerri if she had touched them. We both remembered they were full when we left. And then I noticed Pookie was nowhere to be found.

Usually, when we come home, Pookie is barking at the back window and then runs to the front door to greet us. But in our hurry, we had not noticed the missing pooch.

So I stopped and listened. And realized he was upstairs, running around and jumping on and off beds. It appears Pookie helped himself to our Tim Hortons coffee - three mugs worth. And our normally hyper Schnoodle was now putting Thing 1 and Thing 2 to shame.

So Timmies, you now have a new fan. But don't expect him to come to your drive-thru any time soon.

Life with Kerri needs decaf!