our internet

has worked for about an hour.... total....over the last month. The month before, maybe 3 hours total.

I could go on and on about how much I hate and detest Verizon. I could easily do a whole post on how crooked and corrupt their business is and how once our contract is up we refuse to ever do business with them again. But it would actually take several posts, because we've had that many experiences with them over the last 6 months, each ending with them going back on their word and pretty much saying "screw you" with no apologies. I can already feel my blood beginning to boil.

No thanks to Verizon, Shad's genius friend, Clark, came out on Saturday and fixed our entire network. I felt like it was Christmas morning and still do each and everytime I double click on Safari. Thank you Clark.

Now I need to play catch-up....