My Favorite Grandsons

I'm spending some rare and precious time with my grandsons.

I only get to do this about twice a year because of the long miles of distance between us.

I am learning about them and they are getting to know me.

My oldest grandson, Jonah, is quite a boy. He has the most vivid imagination and active brain.
For a six year old he already has a lot of knowledge about many things. Boy things. Here he is dressed in his chain mail and armor with his helmet, sword and shield. He already knows all about knights and castles, vikings and weapons. Yesterday he said to me, If you want to know more about good weapons you can visit my website at dubluudubluudubluu dot better weapons and armor dot com!

Kids. They say the darndest things.

He has been helping me with projects, the busy work we are doing until the baby decides to make an arrival. If he was visiting me at home I would not have this kind of time to spend with him so it is a blessing that I am on his turf.

Jonah is a voracious reader. He reads for fun all day long.
I have had a couple kids who enjoyed books but I've never seen a six year old read like this. I don't read to him, he reads to me. The first thing he did when I arrived was read a book to me. Right now he is reading to me while I write this blog post. He is on the third book. His parents have to redirect him to other activities just to rest his eyes. He is reading Beverly Cleary's The Mouse and the Motorcycle, which is a book I didn't read until I was ten years old. He is reading it for the third or fourth time.

Did I mention that Jonah is six years old?

The boy is a bottomless well of curiosity and imagination.

This boy is a story yet to be told. He is a sweet and cute and cuddly thumb sucker. A mama's boy who will challenge the rival about to usurp his position as baby of the family. Let the battle begin! I can't wait to witness it.