Today is my birthday. My 50th birthday.

This 50th year has been full of blessings and many exciting and interesting events that have made it memorable. It has been fun having a blog on which to chronicle these things and to make virtual friends in far away places. I am thankful for each one of these blessings but especially for my wonderful family and friends that forgive my many faults and continue to love and support me each day.

I have not spent a birthday in Michigan since 1992 and I have not spent it with both of my daughters since 2002 and I have not missed celebrating it with my husband in over thirty years. Those facts will make this day especially unique as I will be celebrating it here without my husband but with my daughters and my Michigan family.

We are making some special plans to attend an art quilt exhibit, go out to lunch together and spend the afternoon challenging ourselves with making croissant dough.

But, wouldn't it be a good day to have a baby too?