Off On the Next Adventure!

I'm sitting in the airport in Portland heading to my daughter's home in Michigan. Here are a few random things:

*My house is under construction. In my scramble yesterday to get my eight mile long To-Do list finished, I forgot to take a photo of its current state. The walls have siding and windows but there is no roof. It looks interesting! I wish I had taken a photo, darn it. This weekend the trusses come and young, able builders will be cat-walking the upper framing to put them in place. Someone take photos for me! Then the roof sheathing gets put on before the rain starts Sunday night. That's the plan.

*Alyssa and I are now an apple turnover machine! Together we turned out twenty dozen apple turnovers that Alyssa will bake and deliver while I am in Michigan snuggling grandsons and nuzzling a newborn.

*Speaking of my young daughter, I said good-bye to her last night and will not see her again until almost Thanksgiving. That kind of separation is a first for us. We have been together nearly every day since she was born. She will fly to Michigan to her sister's the same day I leave there and we won't even meet in the airport. keeps moving on and taking my children with it.

*I have been so ridiculously busy and my mind has been so cluttered with details of sundry life activities that I haven't been able to take enough time to reflect on the event about to occur. A new member of our family is about to arrive. I am only now thinking about the imminent birth, my role as a mother to the one giving birth and my blessed occupation as grandma to some little guys that I don't see often enough. It's time for me to switch gears and submerge myself in this special time.

*My thoughts are also with the family I am leaving behind. It's not going to be easy for them to soldier on with Mama gone. I'm thankful for a daughter who grows more competent every day to fill my shoes and for two boys who are also growing more mature and responsible.

Time to board my plane for the next adventure!