more hawaii pictures

are sick of it yet?

i gotta get 'em out here so they'll be in my blurb book.

these are from lillie's camera.

View from our villa blacony.

This was Shad and Ross, every day, when the stock market closed...mesmorized. Unless the market is closed, part of Shad is still at work.

Off to go paddleboarding. We first tried this last time, and it was fun. Easy. Relaxing. And I was even 5 months pregnant. This time was a whole different story. We were the morons who rented our paddle boards in the afternoon, when no one was out paddleboarding anymore (hmmm....I wonder why) and it was crazy windy, and for a brief few minutes, I actually thought someone was going to have to come out to get Shad and I. We gave up actually "paddle boarding" because the wind just used our bodies as sails and took us farther and farther out. We were also stuck in a current, going out to the middle of the ocean. We finally jumped down on our bellies and paddled as hard and as fast as we could to the shore. I kept thinking, "How embrassing is this going to be. The dumb tourists who have to have some boat come out and save them". My pride was extremely grateful that we made it back. On our own. Except the next day, my arms were swearing. They were so sore from all that paddling.

At our resort.

A waterfall we hiked to...

This was early in the morning, when we all rolled out of bed, and Ross and Lillie looked so cute! I love how darling they look right out of bed.

Shad was our driver.

More of us in Paia...

This was just really funny to us. The couple we met, that ran the YMCA we stayed at that one night, wrote this on the envelope that had our room keys in it. We all bust up laughing. Because Lillie and I are so aware that we are "mommies", it was extra funny to us. The lady in charge said that our hats gave us away that we were "hip". I told her that mine was extra fancy, bought at Target a couple of weeks before. = ) So Lillie had me pose with the envelope. But my first pose wasn't very hip, so she had me redo it.

At the airport, on our way home.

And that's a wrap. (besides possibly a video of us surfing...Ross is still working on that one)