Kerri's 7th birthday party.

Yesterday we celebrated Kerri's 7th birthday at a party with ten of her closest friends.

The theme was "Spongebob Squarepants", one of Kerri's favorite TV shows.

The popcorn and pizza was a hit!

And Kerri picked out her own cake.

It took her a while to make a wish.

But I am pretty sure it came true.

And that "Spongebob" doll vibrates. The kids had fun passing it around.

After the food, it was time for face painting. Most of the kids picked cute things on their cheeks, like flowers, hearts, the "Harry Potter" scar, and one boy even had a superhero mask. Not Kerri.

She had her whole face painted yellow, just like "Spongebob".

Yeah, I thought you would want a second look.

After the party, we picked up Grandpa and went to our favorite sushi restaurant, where we indulged and filled our tummies. And then we came home to open presents.

Even Pookie got in the fun.

Kerri read every card, and loved every gift.

This was one of her favorite gifts. A "Barbie" makeup kit from Ian and Stephanie, Simo and Sifu.

And so we ended our families birthday celebrations for this year. But don't feel bad, we already have two birthday parties coming up for some of Kerri's friends!

Life with Kerri is all partied out for today.