I know summer's over when my kitchen smells like cinnamon.

In September and October you will find apple turnovers in my kitchen every Friday. I bake them for Saturday customers of an orchard farm stand that is open seasonally in my little mountain village. We are fully into the harvest time of pears and apples with pickers in the orchards and trucks on the roads hauling bins of apples. Despite our uneven weather this year good fruit is in abundance.

The farmer gives me the fruit that he wants to feature in the apple turnovers. This week I am using Tokyo Rose, a small, early apple that is packed with bright tart flavor.

We use a couple mechanical peelers to peel and slice a large box of fruit.

I then chop them up with a knife and mix in sugar and spices. I have learned through much trial and error that pre-baking the filling makes the assembly of dozens of turnovers a much easier process.

Working with my daughter, Alyssa, who rolls all the dough by hand using the parchment paper method, we turn out hundreds of these every season. We hear that no matter how many we make they all sell out the first day they appear at the farm stand.

I had some plans to sell turnovers and pies at our local farmer's market. Wouldn't these treats be great with other fillings- strawberry, blueberry, marionberry, pears, peaches...? Can't you just see a table covered in baskets of these flaky pastries and customers lining up to score some home made pie? I'm not sure we are going to be able to do this since finding out that the liability insurance required by the market has such exorbitant cost that it will suck away any profit.  Hhmmm....not sure what to do. Anyone know a good insurance company with great prices? (Is that a dumb question?)