Grandpa is here!

On Tuesday, we picked Grandpa Oscar up from the airport. We had wonderful weather, and even sat outside to chat with all the neighborhood moms. And then I jinxed it. I told Dad that we never get really bad rain storms here - like we did in Florida. So all of a sudden, dark clouds came overhead, and within minutes we had a major wind and thunderstorm with HAIL!

We have been having lots of fun with Grandpa Oscar. Kerri played darts with him, and they sat and chatted for a long time too. My Dad and I have been shopping, and I just brought home my birthday gift to myself: a professional event BBQ grill! We couldn't wait to break it in this weekend.

Putting the new grill together...
Checking to make sure it works!


We also met with the Occupational Therapist, who will be testing Kerri further on Monday at school. Kerri had her first session with the speech therapist at school. We also visited our Kung Fu school to say hello and drop off invitations to Kerri's upcoming birthday party next weekend. And Kerri's ex-boyfriend came over for a play date too. We have been busy!

Tomorrow is Kerri's 7th birthday. I am dropping off cupcakes (topped off with gummy worms) at school in the morning. And we will be having parties here at home every day the rest of this week, throughout the weekend - because my birthday is on Saturday and my Dad's birthday is on Monday. We never really need an excuse for a party, but it is always fun to celebrate special moments!

Life with Kerri is having a party. Or two. Or three. Or maybe even four. :o)