darling holiday gift

My little sis Danielle, just finished up a pattern she's been working on, and listed it in her Etsy shop. It's an adorable Santa apron and the pattern is so easy to follow, with great instructions and pictures. Any beginning seamstress could follow it.

This type of a pattern is the only kind I use. I know how to follow the ones you buy at JoAnns, but they are sooo confusing to me. I LOVE these kind of patterns, that have a picture for EVERY step.

When I first saw it I immediately pictured having an assembly line going making them for Christmas gifts, or a bunch of women making them at Super Saturday, or girls making them at a YW activity. Or just someone making it for themselves to have a merrier holiday.

My Mom had one of these growing up and I LOVED it.

I might just have to make one for myself this year. Tanner and Kate would LOVE it.

Have a happy weekend.