A Random List of Updates

1. All the pie talk last week motivated me to make two pies for us. Two pies in one week for us. There was a lot of pie for breakfast.

Oh. And a tomato tart with beautiful ripe tomatoes that I brought home from the farmer's market.
But that's okay. I can eat well because....

2. ...I've been working off all that good pie- a swim across the lake Friday was another practice run for the cross channel swim happening Monday morning at the crack of dawn on the Columbia River.
If you see a 49 year old grandmother of three in a wetsuit, that would be me.

3. The mountain is still on fire. I took this photo Friday night on the way home from the lake.  The fire is much worse now, two days later. The mountain is completely obscured by smoke and depending on wind conditions, so is everything else. It smells like a campground around here.
We've never seen fire at such low elevation and so close to home.

4. Alyssa and I made about ten dozen apple turnovers to kick off the farm stand season. After two years we've got it figured out and are pastry making machines!
I've got some farmer's market plans for these babies too. Blueberry filling, strawberry, marionberry, peach....

5. This showed up in my yard Saturday morning. The men started digging the money pit.

And the little boys had some fun with the man toys.

My patio. My yard. My flowerbeds. They'll never be the same.
It's a good thing we're starting so late on this project. Now there is time pressure to git 'er done. No dilly dallying. I'm glad I didn't have to spend the whole summer walking planks over the moat around the house. A few weeks of carrying the groceries over a balance beam is quite enough for me.