Test results are in.

After three days and several hours of testing, our speech language pathologist (Melissa) found three additional areas to work on with Kerri. (I will know more next week when I pick up the report with the "official" diagnosis on it.) I was also informed my daughter is gifted, which is why she has been able to "get by" all these years undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. And I was told Kerri has an exceptional memory - something we already knew.

Therapy commences next Wednesday. In addition to the professional therapy in her office, Melissa will also be providing me with training to work on a specific therapy (guided lesson) plan at home. Kerri is now being referred for a psychological educational evaluation to further diagnose her visual/motor skills. And Kerri will continue separate therapy at school for her phonological delay.

I absolutely love Kerri's speech therapist Melissa. She has such a great rapport with Kerri, and is so upbeat and positive - she loves her job and it shows. Kerri loves going to see her and enjoys her therapy sessions! And every child - that I have seen leave her office - does so with a smile, truly happy and engaged. Just like Kerri.

This Friday I am picking up Melissa's recommendations for the school board to implement. And next Tuesday, on Kerri's first day of school, I will be personally handing them in to her second grade teacher, whomever that is. I hope her teacher this year will be as wonderful as her first grade teacher was.

So we will be spending the rest of the day outside playing with neighborhood friends. And enjoying the last week of summer vacation - before school and some serious therapy sessions begin.

Life with Kerri is on a mission.