As we have done all summer, yesterday the Moms all gathered on my doorstep to chat, while the kids all played together outside. And as we discussed everything under the sun - as we always do - we realized that in a few short weeks summer would be over and school would be starting again.

So we decided to throw a neighborhood block party. The first Saturday after school starts, we are all bringing out tables, chairs and food to feed the masses. A little music, maybe a pinata, and lots of fun will be had.

I love the sense of community we have here, and how we have all bonded - even though we are all so different. I love how Kerri can go out and play all day and evening right on our block, and the bigs and littles all play together, for the most part. And I love how we all watch out for each other - whether it is a missing ingredient, help starting a car, or just advice. I really like sitting on my front doorstep and chatting with everyone, while watching Kerri play. And I like feeding everyone from time to time - sometimes Popsicles, cookies or impromptu popcorn picnics and teddy bear tea parties.

So every time we think about moving to a bigger house, or a nicer neighborhood, I just have to look out my front door. These are the people in my neighborhood, and I would not have it any other way.

Life with Kerri enjoys our community.