This was our second year going to the Farmer's Market.

Kate, Elle and I.

We love it.

Kate and Elle would gobble up the berries like they were candy. Kate would get a honey stick from Suzie the beekeeper, a sampe Dave's barbequed ribs, and beg for a brioche roll.

I love the Farmers Market, because my kids will try anything. I don't know why it's different there, versus home. Maybe how pretty they have it set up, that we're outside, who knows. But I love it.

We'd get fresh dates, and stuff them with local goat cheese. Seriously good.

Garden fresh tomatoes with kosher salt. Nothing like it.

Our Farmer's Market is closed now. It goes from late September to early June and closes in the summer. Counting the days until it opens again. (actually, this year they opened it up in the Palm Springs Mall, Saturday mornings if you're a local....too far away for me...and it seems odd to go to a Farmers Market in a mall)

What I lived on all winter for breakfast (changing the fruit to what we picked up at the market).

Also got really into homemade granola. Rolled oats, popped amaranth, toasted millet, red quinoa, pecans, almonds, pepitas, pure maple syrup, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt.

So good.