Happy birthday!

Today is hubby's birthday. Kerri made him a beautiful present and card! Later we met up with Carol and Andre for dinner at Corey's favorite Greek restaurant. Andre made Corey this funny painting of Goofy hurting his foot (Corey is a Goofy fan - and he broke his toe a few weeks ago).

We had a wonderful time, great food, and yummy cake! And hubby tried to switch the candles around on the cake so they would read "14" instead of "41". Thank you Carol and Andre for helping us surprise hubby!

Last night, Nana watched Kerri so hubby and I could go on a birthday "date", something we had not done in years. We went to see the last Harry Potter movie, and had a great time! Thank you Nana, that was the best gift ever - and hubby was really touched by your card.

Life with Kerri is a party.