Grilled Pizza

It's summer (finally!) so Sunday pizza gets made on the grill.

Have you ever made grilled pizza? It is so, so easy and so very delicious!
Mix up your favorite pizza dough recipe and let it rise for an hour or two. If you don't have a favorite recipe, use mine, which is Mario Batali's recipe. Roll out a piece of dough and carry it out to the grill, on your arm as I did above or put it onto a baking sheet. Don't worry if the shape gets distorted. Who says pizza has to be perfectly round, or square, or symmetrical. Flop it onto a very hot grill- no oiling or greasing of the grill is necessary. In about two minutes the dough is bubbly and ready to....


The dough will not stick to the grill. After flipping the dough over let it "bake" the other side for a minute or two, just until nice grill marks form.

Now it's time to top the finished pizza crust with your favorite sauce, cheeses, meats and veggies. Alyssa likes her artichokes.

The pizza can then be heated on the grill for a few minutes to melt the cheese or it can be heated in the oven.

This is actually a speedy way to turn out pizzas because the baking time is much shorter than conventional pizza oven baking while the results are still crispy hot gooey goodness.