Cold, colder... frozen solid.

A couple days ago, we discovered that everything in our fridge was frozen solid. We noticed that the thermometer was changed to the highest setting, so we put it back on normal and waited for everything to thaw. The next day things were thawing, but later that evening they froze again. Our fridge is only four years old, so we were not sure what was going on.

I checked the thermometer setting, and again it had been moved to high. Perplexed, I changed it back, and consulted with hubby, who said he did not move it. That left only one person as the culprit. She knew we had been upset by the frozen contents, and said nothing. Neither did we.

I was talking to my neighbor about it, and her daughter laughed and said that Kerri told her she had done it because she wanted her milk to be very cold. Hmm.

So last night at dinner, we confronted Kerri. She laughed and said yes, she did it - not just once, but twice. When I told her that all our vegetables had to be thrown away because they were frozen and ruined, she replied: "That's OK, I don't like vegetables anyway."

Oy. We had a long conversation and Kerri now understands she cannot touch the fridge settings.

Life with Kerri reminds me to keep my cool.