Cherry Surprise

Well, after weeks of deterring the birds from eating all the cherries on the tree, using various and sundry effective and not-so-effective methods, we finally picked some ripe cherries.

Yes, it's August and we are only now picking cherries. Normally the farmers around here are gearing up to pick the Bartlett pear crop but it's been such a cold and clammy spring and summer it's a wonder we are harvesting anything at all. We have yet to reach one 90 degree day this summer according to the weather statistics.

Did you know there are people fleeing the oppressive heat in the other states around the country and coming here to Oregon for a breath of cool air? 

Since I have been baking, baking, baking- twenty six cakes in the last three days- the cherry processing was left up to the kids. The boys pitted cherries for freezing. (Boys will do anything if there is a gadget involved.)

While Alyssa washed and canned 28 quarts of the rest.

But I did make a cherry pie.
But not for us, of course. For a wedding rehearsal dinner.

Speaking of pie!

I'm going to be talkin' pie, makin' pie and eatin' pie with none other than The Pioneer Woman, Mrs. Ree Drummond in Oklahoma, USA.  Crazy but true. Life just keeps getting more exciting every day!

Don't believe me?
Enter to win a pie making day with Ree and me. I'd love to make pie with you!