Where did this week go?

The lazy days of summer seem to be busy and moving faster than I would like. This week has just flown by! It has been a fun one. There have been plenty of pool parties, playing outside with the neighbor kids, movies, shopping, manicures, eating out....and a visit from Nana!

There also has been some growing up going on. Kerri is in a growth spurt, and seems to be an inch taller. She is all legs. But that is not the kind of "growing up" I was referring to. The Mama bear in me wants to protect her, shield her with all my love, and never let any harm come to her. That's my heart talking. My head, thank goodness, knows I cannot do that. She has to learn some lessons the hard way, as difficult as it is to stand by helplessly and watch. Oh, I am there when she needs me. And of course, I prepare her for life's lessons as best I can. Those of you who have had to answer "why was I abandoned?" know exactly what I am talking about!

But the drama has luckily been small, and the fun has overshadowed it. Kerri seems to be happy - which is what really matters to me. And she is enjoying her summer vacation. You should see how tan she is!

Life with Kerri is enjoying the sun.