Mama look a boo-boo!

Last night hubby walked into a chair. And he was in a lot of pain. But, he thought it was going to be OK, and went to bed. This morning at 2:30 AM he woke me up. He was in a lot more pain, and his toe was purple and swollen. So he drove himself to the emergency room at the hospital.

We finally got to bed around 7 AM, only to wake up a few hours later. The cleaning crew was coming. As soon as they were done and left, we headed to the doctor's office.

At the doctor's office, Kerri was full of questions. Everything from how the blood pressure machine works, to what does being a gay person mean. Thank goodness the doctor was busy and we had time to answer all her questions in the privacy of the room.

Hubby broke his toe. He got it taped up. He also received a note from the doctor so he can explain to his employer why he cannot wear normal shoes for a few weeks. And now hubby has an excuse to sit on the couch, leg up. And a very good reason to be pampered by a certain little princess and her pooch. And of course, me.

Life with Kerri sometimes includes boo-boos.