Gotta dance.

Yesterday I was playing some 80's music on You Tube, and hubby and Kerri started dancing in the living room. Kerri was laughing so hard she fell to the floor in a giggling heap. I guess she thinks some of Daddy's hip 80's moves are just hilarious. Then again, after watching some of these videos, I kind of agree!

Later on her ex boyfriend came on in, and asked for some old fashioned country rock. And Kerri and the ex had their own dance session, playing air guitar, head banging, playing air drums, and even the air piano. This time it was our turn to laugh at the kids!

So whenever you feel a little down, or need some exercise, or just a quick pick me up; just look up some of your old favorite music videos from way back when. And if no one is watching, you may just want to sing and dance. It will at least make you smile. But in this house, it guarantees fits of laughter!

Life with Kerri dances the night away.