Family reunion in Montreal!

Today we went to a family get together at Haydee's house in Montreal to say farewell and bon voyage to our cousins Silvia and Raul, who are returning home to Argentina after a wonderful visit. Kerri wasted no time teaching her cousin Amy how to play the DS.

Raul and Luis enjoyed the comfy chairs!

Amy asked hubby to help her with the game, but she ended up teaching him how to play.

And this is where Kerri spent the entire afternoon. She really likes swings!

Cousin Laura and hubby posed.

And then we all got into the picture! Top row: Luis, Haydee, me, Ryan, Carla, Corey, Stephen, Silvia. Bottom row: Kerri, Sebastian, Amy, Daniela, Samara, Charlie, Cathy, baby Ellie, Pablo, Sam, Raul (I might have gotten Sam and Charlie mixed up, they are hard to tell apart!)

These two are inseparable. They are more like twins and best friends!

And Brownie...ugh. He spent the entire day trying to get some action.

My lovely flower girl Samara (can you believe she is 15?!) and her mom, my beautiful cousin Carla.

We had such a wonderful day! It was awesome to see everyone again and catch up. Thank you Haydee and Luis for inviting us to your home, everything was yummy! Kerri was so tired from playing all day that she fell asleep in the car on the way home. Hubby and I enjoyed two hours of peace and quiet conversation in the car - a first!

We ended the day going out to dinner at Montana's, and then came home to a very excited Pookie. We are definitely looking forward to our next get together in September!

Life with Kerri is all about family.