Baking for the County Fair

We had quite a time in the kitchen the other day.

No, this is not from baking ten cakes and seventy-five cupcakes like I did today.  This is only a bit of what three kids generated while making their county fair 4-H entries. I was so engrossed in controlling the chaos that I didn't think to take a photo of my flour covered offspring measuring, mixing, rolling, and baking six different recipes all at the same time in the same space using the same oven and utensils.

This is the boy's very first year in 4-H since in Oregon it starts in the 4th grade of school. We didn't get much done but they managed to make two recipes each and they entered an art project they made last Christmas.

This is Alyssa's very last year in 4-H as a senior. She made the more advanced technique of pie crust and also gluten-free brownies.

The county fair began today and we found out the results of their efforts. They all received blue ribbons on their food projects.

Peter was especially thrilled that both his double chocolate cookies and his chocolate chip muffins (the boy likes his chocolate) won champion ribbons and will be going to the state fair!

Alyssa received accolades for her flaky pie crust. Not only did it receive a champion ribbon but the pie crust was also given a Best of Show award/Grand Champion.

All the time that Alyssa has spent helping me with pies and apple turnovers in our kitchen has honed her skills and made her confident in her ability to foster and pass along the fading American pie traditions.

I am proud of my kids and all their efforts!