This Post is for Katie...

....and Nathan and Jonah and Evan,

whom we all missed very much yesterday during our family celebrations.

Which started with an ending and beginning.
The end of twelve years of homeschooling- a long journey of books and talks and studies at home to prepare for adulthood- the beginning of which starts now for our daughter, Alyssa.

Friends and family came out to celebrate the occasion by sharing the family table.

The Oregon sky, at the last moment and despite promises of sunshine, threatened to moisten our day but it still did not dampen the festivities.

Fellowship and laughter reigned.

(Ha. Reigned/rained. I made a punny.)

And of course....cake! Lots of it!

Another part of our family celebration was the marking of thirty years of wedded bliss.
With more cake of course.

Please take a look at those napkins.
They came from the original celebration event on June 13, 1981.
We had to have a party just so we could use these gems!

There was also some reminiscing....

Nothing provides the same entertainment as old photos.

Lots of life lived in thirty years.

What will the next thirty bring?