The cleaning people are coming.

Every two weeks, the cleaning company comes over to give the house a good scrubbing down. And the day before they arrive, we are always in a frantic race to clean before they get here. Because it would be just embarrassing for them to clean a dirty house, right?

So the evening before usually is spent with me trying to convince Kerri to put her gazillion toys away, and picking up anything that is on the floor that should not be there. Daddy has to take the laundry downstairs and the garbage out. And I am doing my best to ensure the house is neat enough for them to clean. Oh yeah, and not too dirty.

I wonder if this is normal, or if other people clean before their cleaning help arrives. And then I wonder why I even bother, because as soon as Kerri comes home from school, the house will be a total disaster again in just under an hour.

Until two weeks from now, that is.

Life with Kerri is a bit messy. But that's OK.