Sort of on vacation.

One of the things I like most about where I live is the diversity in our town. And here in Toronto, it is no different. There is a huge Asian population here, and Kerri is loving all the attention she is getting. Today she made friends with the Chinese lady that came to clean our room. And the lady was so in love with Kerri, that before she left she asked us to stay on her floor next time we come visit.

It is rainy today again, so we postponed our planned outings. Instead, we slept in, and then went to Cora's for a late breakfast. And now we are watching a SpongeBob marathon in our room. I almost feel like I am back home. Except for the obnoxious kids in the room next to us, who keep making Pookie bark on purpose. When Daddy comes back from work, we are heading out to dinner. And maybe the pool. I am so relaxed, I am almost bored!

Tomorrow we are getting a visit from some dear friends, who are taking a train to come visit us. We are looking forward to spending the day with them, and maybe heading out to Chinatown. But more about that tomorrow.

Life with Kerri is on vacation. Sort of.