Kerri...and Kerri.

Today our friend Kerri and her two girls visited us. My Kerri thinks it is awesome that she shares a name with our friend. And I think it is quite awesome that our friends braved a two hour train ride each way just to come visit us!

We had a great time! Our day was spent at the pool, and eating, and at the pool, and eating. And while the oldest fell in love with Pookie, the two younger girls hid in the bathroom to play with the cute toy our friends so kindly brought for Kerri as a gift.

I think my friend Kerri would have taken Pookie home if she could. Little did she know that the sneaky pooch jumped on our table and stole a large muffin and ate the whole thing, leaving just crumbs on the table top and his whiskers. Not sure she would still want him if she knew what a thief he is!

And yes, we did make a stop at Tim Horton's. After all these years, I can finally say I had a cup of Tim's with my friend Kerri for real. It was probably the most expensive cup of coffee she ever had, when you factor in her travel expenses!

Thank you Kerri and your beautiful girls J & J for coming to see us in Toronto. And thank you to Kerri's hubby for lunch - we wish you could have joined us! We look forward to our next get together - but next time, lunch is on me.

Life with Kerri....and Kerri was fun today!